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Ms Tatsiana Kaliadova

Public Relation Officer (International)

Ms Tatsiana Kaliadova graduated in 1989 from Belarusian State Pedagogical University, named after Maxim Tank. She worked as a primary school teacher for 13 years. Ms. Tatsiana has been serving as a Public Relations Officer (Translator for Indo-Russian bilateral trade) with Sri Paripoorna Sanathana Charitable Trust® for the past 10 years. Her dedication, immense compassion, and empathy motivate her to contribute to the betterment of humanity. Blessed with immeasurable perseverance and passion to help others, she relies on unwavering faith in the almighty to overcome even the most challenging circumstances. Ms. Tatsiana’s enthusiasm and determination aim to bring about positive change in anyone she encounters. She handles multiple responsibilities in the organisation with grace, sincerity, and selflessness, playing a crucial role.